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our journey

We got comfortable in life.  Too comfortable and have always loved a challenge.

While everyone's circumstances are different, our love of life, our relationship over the last 30 plus years, has finally come into one common thought - we're not getting younger, you only live once and you can't half commit.. it's all or nothing, and there is no Plan B so we need to make this work.

We're a couple who decided that living in the city, dealing with the traffic, spending our weekends looking and driving around the country to be part of the rural environment, finally saw us bite the bullet, sell our home, and with our three cats, move to the country to embark on a discussion we've had for years... farming ... can we?

Will we be successful? Is it hard? What makes us so different we think we can make a go of it??

I don't know and don't have all the answers to these questions, but I heard a saying not that long ago which was almost the pivotal point in the decision..  

Old fashioned, organic, great tasting produce, using modern farming methods so that every berry you savour and enjoy makes your smile.

You don't want to die wondering.. so here we are!  Farm Website HERE


Doesn't happen by accident. It is when a farmer makes a committment that the food that is grown is done the right way, even when it means weeding on a Sunday.

Why makes our organic (in conversion) produce so delicious?

 we let nature do her job to sweeten the fruit

Working smarter helps us produce mouthwatering, sweet fruit that has a taste you want to keep coming back for. In this world in fast farming, producing chemical laden produce, we're turning our back on those way and instead, we believe in good plant nutrition, insectariums, certified organic products and being proactive does a better job. Our aim is to deliver fruit, picked at the peak for aroma, taste and colour, ready to enjoyed with your family and friends, or perhaps just for yourself.

  why our fruit tastes so good >
Bimbimbi Farm grows produce without the use of Chemicals