the back story

Farm Food Health - The relationship between farming practices, quality food and health.In my travels in life and now on this online journey of becoming an organic berry farmer, I've had to do a tremendous amount of paperwork, research and documentation.

My natural curiosity lead me to look at what's involved in conventional farming compared to organic farming, and the books and podcasts I listen to, for education and information have lead me to share my story further.

Farm Food Health Podcast- to inform consumers about farming, food and health I feel there is a real disconnect between farming, farmers, food and health. The lack of knowledge experienced by consumers is something I'd like to address and can do so via podcasts.

Finding out about how much is hidden from the consumer, how urgently we need to recognise smaller farms as being of value and how we need to encourage farmers to practice more regenenerative farm practices, has lead me to embark on a digital magazine called Farm Food Health.

This magazine is a unique perspective of my journey, and one of story telling with images, short story snacks and content of value to the consumer, you, the one who buys food to feed your family.

My goal is to educate people, one story at a time, about the very fine web of life we lead, and the relationship to farming methods, the quality of the food we eat and overall health.

This is all my own opinion, based on my own experiences, what I'm reading and the silence, the huge silence of where our food comes from and how it's controlled by so few.  

Farm Food Health Digital MagazineI've taken it to another level - I must be crazy but here I am, sharing this story with you, and I've created a directory which will start being populated later this year, after the magazine is launched and my podcasts are all up to date.

This directory is all about farms, food and health and I want to showcase those farmers who are left behind because they don't live in the city where the 'action' is, and I want help consumers learn more about where their food comes from and to ask questions and be more suspicious when they buy food.

Let's face it, we need farmers but they are disappearing at such a rate that in the next 15 years, that's in my lifetime and the lives of many other young people, food is going to be something we cannot keep taking for granted or treating as a commodity.

The amount of work to grow food is phenonomal. I'm learning this as I go into my third year of farming and I'm just a small farm, a speck on a speck and to many large farms, could be regarded as inconsequential but we grow the most delicious strawberries.  Don't ask me, ask my customers.  

Our raspberries as one person described.. Absolutely memorable.  We didn't have many but those who bought reminded us many times on how delicious they were.  They are mouthwatering.

And I ask myself - how is this possible? I've never farmed before this journey.  I've never grown a strawberry, blueberry or raspberry and here we are with a loyal following. 

I want to share how I think with you, get you asking a few more questions when you go shopping, looking at those labels, talking to farmers and asking them questions and using people power to push for change.

Please consider being part of this journey.

Farm Food Health Directory - Connecting farmers with consumers.