reliable trade services

Being a practical hands on person helps when farm building.  Having worked as a carpenter for the last 15 years and a commercial painter since the 80's it's come in handy (so to speak) when farming. Not so much the painting but being able to tackle most jobs and knowing the tools are there.

Trade work is something that is a good option for winter / off season times and helps generate income to get the farm completed.  It's like a never ending spending story growing a farm and without increasing personal debt, a conscious effort has been made to utilise all the skills both myself and my wife have to keep moving forward.

Do I like having to do trade work instead of farming?  It's a good, useful skill to keep. 

Having all the tools and equipment helps and having done virtually all aspects of carpentry and building (except for electrical and major plumbing) over the years has helped especially when we build our home here.

If you want a builder, that's not me, but if you've got a small project, need some help with someone who's got the tools and equipment, then use the contact form and we'll chat.  

ABN provided.

Trade Work